Meeting with the Minister of Justice of Luxembourg

Edit Brussels MoJ Luxembourg 04042017Today 4 April, the EFRJ Director Edit Törzs attended a meeting at the Permanent Representation of Luxembourg in Brussels in order to discuss possible collaborations between the EFRJ and the Luxembourg’s Ministry of Justice.

Indeed, the Minister Felix Braz, motivated by the recent RJ developments in France (please note that two articles about RJ in France will be published in the next issue of the EFRJ Newsletter), has recently taken the initiative to start RJ projects in Luxembourg. The legislation in Luxembourg, already adopted by the Parliament, also gets its inspiration from the French legislation. Currently Luxembourg already adopts mediation in penal cases, but it is in the process to introduce RJ.

During today’s meeting, Edit Törzs was invited to present the EFRJ and European developments in the field of RJ, but also to discuss possibilities for the EFRJ to assist RJ developments in Luxembourg, e.g. when training is needed. Instead, our key-member of the EFRJ, Antonio Buonatesta (Director of a Belgian RJ service, Médiante) was invited to explain how RJ developed in the Belgian context. Also Paul Schroeder, President of the Mediaton Center of Luxembourg, was present.