Resources from the seminar on the Victims’ Directive

On 23 February 2017 in Brussels, the Criminal Justice Platform Europe (CJPE) held an expert seminar on the implementation of the Victims’ Directive. The focus of this seminar was the training of professionals and lay people and cooperation between services (Art. 25 and 26) in order to provide better assistance to victims of crime across Europe.

IMG_20170223_124138On this occasion the EFRJ released its latest publication, the ‘PRACTICE GUIDE FOR RJ SERVICES: The Victims’ Directive – Challenges and opportunities for restorative justice‘ together with the briefing paper proposed few months ago.

62 professionals (out of the 73 registered ones) from 18 different countries attended the seminar, which received good feedback in terms of the quality of the presentations.

EVALUATION FORM: We kindly ask our participants to fill in the Evaluation Form before 10 March and send it back to [email protected].

Please click on the links below to download the presentations of the plenary and workshop speakers.

Plenary sessions
chaired by Annemieke Wolthuis, vice-chair of the EFRJ BoardIMG_20170223_102454

REGINA HERNANDEZ, European Judicial Training team, european Commission
LEVENT ALTAN, Executive Director Victim Support Europe
ROBERTO MORENO, Head of Adults Justice Service at the Ministry of Labour and Justice of the Basque Government
GERDJAN HOEKENDIJK, Chair of the European Network on Victims’ Rights and head Victim policy at the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice
BRUNILDA PALI, Researcher at KU Leuven Institute of Criminology – EFRJ
CHRISTOPHE DE MUYLDER, Spokesperson of a Belgian collective of families of murdered children


GUSTAVO DUARTE (Victim support service APAV, Portugal) – on Training of professionals
BENJAMIN SAYOUS (French Institute for Restorative Justice IFJR) – on Building cooperation between sectors via training on restorative justiceIMG_20170223_155413
NIKICA HAMER VIDMAR (Ministry of Justice Croatia, Independent Service for Victims and Witness Support) – on State of implementation of the Victims Directive in Croatia
ISABELLE VANDERHOEVEN (Department of Justice Houses, Flemish Government, Belgium) – on Judicial victim support
ESTHER KLAASSEN (Gevangenenzorg Netherlands) – on the European project ‘Building Bridges’
RADIM BURES (vice-president of the Probation and Mediations Service of the Czech Republic) – on the Project ‘Why me? II’
MALIN ISAKSSON & STINA SJöDIN (HR expert & senior advisor at the Swedish Prison and Probation Service) – No offence while in prison
JANNEKE DE VISSER (Dutch Probation Service) – on Training probation workers to increase victim awareness among offenders


Many thanks for your participation and all your contributions from the CJPE team!

CJPE group photo
From left: Berta Framis Ferrer (CJPE), Edit Törzs (EFRJ), Annemieke Wolthuis (EFRJ), Kirsten Hawlitschek (Europris), Willem van der Brugge (CEP), Anna Esquerrà Roqueta (CEP) and Emanuela Biffi (EFRJ).