RJ WEEK 2015 in Bilbao

During the RJ WEEK 2015, four participants of the EFRJ Summer School 2015 are organising two trainings in Bilbao to disseminate what they have learned about the Victims Directive and RJ!

The two trainings will take place at the Bilbao’s Court House:

  • Monday 16 November (12-14hr). Target groups: Victim Support Service workers and Probation Service workers of the Basque Country. Trainers: Nacho Martinez and Maialen Casas.
  • Tuesday 17 November (12-14hr). Target groups: Victim-Offender Mediation Services workers. Trainers: Idoia Igartua and Almudena Requejo.

The four trainers work for the Basque Government, which co-organized the EFRJ Summer School 2015 in Lisbon. They attended the course in Lisbon, where they were trained on the Victims Directive and RJ, and they committed to disseminate the results with the rest of the team during the RJ WEEK 2015.

For more information please contact the EFRJ Board Member, Roberto Moreno Alvarez.

If you want to know more about other activities going on across Europe (and beyond) during the RJ WEEK 2015, just click here! Don’t forget to inform us if you organise something in your country!

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