RJ Week in Rome and in Tempio Pausania (Italy)

Two different events took place during the past weeks in Italy to raise awareness on RJ and celebrate the international RJ Week 2014.

On 12 November, more than 150 people attended the seminar on communities of support, associations and restorative justice at the Palazzo Montecitorio (Italian Chamber of Deputies) in Rome. One of our board members, Bruno Caldeira from Portugal, represented the EFRJ during the meeting. Videos and pictures can be seen here and Caldeira’s report is available here.

On 19 November, about 130 people (including prisoners, police officers, victim support workers, volunteers, students, teachers, magistrates, educators, lawyers, local administration officers, etc.) participated in the RJ Lunch in Tempio Pausania (Sardinia) to discuss the future of RJ in Italy. In particular, the RJ Lunch has been a great occasion for presenting an action research funded by the region Sardinia on the construction of a restorative and relational community. The EFRJ documentary, made in occasion of the RJ Week 2014, has been shown during the RJ Lunch. The regional television service from Sardinia recorded the event and showed it on the same evening during the TV regional news (see “Integrazione in Carcere”, minutes 16.40-18.40).

A brief report of both events (in Italian only) can be read here.
Many thanks to Prof. Patrizia Patrizi, Dr. Gian Luigi Lepri and all their collaborators for organizing both events and for keeping the EFRJ informed about them!