#RJWEEK 2018

The International RJ Week 2018 starts on Sunday!!!

Between, 18-25 November 2018 more than 60 initiatives will take place in about 25 countries to raise awareness about RJ, as well as to keep up discussions, ideas, dreams, practices in the field. Download here our last Newsflash including several events taking place across Europe and beyond, or click on the calendar to see even more initiatives. Also, feel free to disseminate the campaign we launch on the 1st day of the RJ Week, including all info below!

During the entire week, follow us on social media: #RJWeek   #EFRJ2018   @euforumrj

We will launch a new series of postcards by artist Hybrid Desire, who joined use during the 10th international conference in Tirana (14-16 June). Many of you will disseminate them in your local events: send us pictures and tell us if you found original ways to use the postcards.

Starting from Sunday, check our Vimeo channel to watch 3 new films:

–> “Expanding the restorative imagination”, based on interviews at the EFRJ Tirana conference, and
–> “Re-storying a terrorist tragedy: The encounter” and “Re-storying a Greek tragedy: Electra meets Clytemnestra”, based on two theatre plays by the Theater of Changes in Greece.


Also today, 18 November, we take part in the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (#WDoR2018). As the EFRJ is partner in the EU funded project “Victims of road traffic offences” (2016-2018) we launch today the manual, report and two digital stories produced by the Flemish RJ service Moderator, organisational member of the EFRJ and partner in the project.

–> Click here to know more and download these materials: feel free to use them in your local events!

Also on social media, we will keep you posted about several events, including:

–> 19 November, Brussels: launch event of the ERJPN- European Restorative Justice Network and a field visit in the Belgian mediation centre Mediante;
–> 20 November, Leuven: class on access to RJ for the students of the Master programme in criminology at KU Leuven.

Enjoy the international RJ Week 2018!