Short film for the #rjweek 2018

During the 10th international conference of the EFRJ (Tirana 14-16 June), our local filmmakers, supported by some EFRJ members, made a series of interviews that will turn into a 15 minutes film to be launched on the occasion of the international RJ Week (18-25 November). The film “Expanding the restorative imagination” will be ready by the end of September for our members to organise an event around it during the RJ Week.

Thanks to some volunteers within our enthusiastic membership, the film will be subtitled in several languages:

  1. Albanian (thanks to the Albanian Foundation for Conflict Resolution)
  2. Bulgarian (thanks to Dobrinka Chankova)
  3. Dutch (thanks to Annika Schuurman)
  4. English (thanks to the Foresee Research Group)
  5. French (thanks to Mediante)
  6. German (thanks to the Centre for Non Violent Communication)
  7. Greek (thanks to Katerina Soulou from Aix-Marseille Université)
  8. Hebrew (thanks to Dalia Tauber)
  9. Hungarian (Thanks to Erika Mercz)
  10. Italian (thanks to PsicoIus & Sassari University)
  11. Maltese
  12. Polish (thanks to Civitas)
  13. Portuguese (thanks to Ana Pereira from KU Leuven)
  14. Russian (thanks to the Scientific and Methodological Center for Mediation and Law in Moscow)
  15. Spanish (thanks to the Scientific Society of Restorative Justice)

If you wish your language to be included to reach a wider audience within your country please contact Emanuela Biffi before 10 September.

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