Training in Ireland- Accessibility and Initiation Project

The second training foreseen for the “Accessibility and Initiation” project has just concluded in Dublin (Ireland). About 20 participants with a common interest in RJ practices came together to listen to a two-day training given by European experts in the field, but they also came together to share their experiences, doubts and successful stories when dealing with the parties involved in a crime.

The training, coordinated by the EFRJ and funded by the European Commission, has been structured according to the findings of Dr. Laxminarayan’s one year research on the topics of accessibility and initiation for RJ. The first day dealt with the cooperation between referral bodies and RJ organizations and it touched upon the needs of raising awareness about RJ. The second day actively involved participants in role-plays and in writing their own ideal letter to be sent to the parties.

Many people must be thanked for their commitment in organizing this training in Dublin, in particular our Irish partner Peter Keeley and his collaborator Niamh O’Carroll, a case worker from the Restorative Justice Services. Many thanks also to the trainers Eleonore Lind (Sweden), Kjersti Lilloe-Olsen (Norway) and Sasha ter Hoeven (The Netherlands). We are even more thankful to the participants of the training in Dublin: their active, energetic and passionate engagement during the discussions has been crucial to ensure that the training achieved its standards!