Training on Restorative Juvenile Justice

Two of our Board members, Tim Chapman (Northern Ireland) and Roberto Moreno (Basque country), organised a training to present the EU model of restorative juvenile justice developed in a EU-funded research project coordinated by the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (click here to find more information and download the publications of this project, published in 2015).

The training took place in Bilbao on 27 October. It brought together 25 people, including six mediators from the Adult Justice Service of the Justice Department of the Basque Government, two practitioners from the Victim Support Services, two researchers at the Basque Institute of Criminology, and 15 mediators from the Psychosocial Teams of the Courts in Euskadi.

Click here to find more information about this training.

Save the date of the follow-up workshop which will take place on 18 May 2017 in Oñati!