Two RJ events in Sassari

During the RJ Week 2014 the University of Sassari (Italy) organised two different events to raise awareness on restorative justice, i.e. a seminar in the Italian Chamber of Deputies in Rome and a RJ Lunch in Tempio Pausania- Sardinia. Now, we were contacted again to advertise the new events taking place next week in Sardinia!

On 24 June, a seminar will take place in Sassari to inform local institutions and citizens about the preliminary findings of a research project on the creation of model of ‘restorative city’ in the area. On 25 June, a restorative conference will take place inside the prison in Tempio Pausania. The day will be concluded with an Italian aperitivo riparativo (a restorative appetizer). More information on the two events can be read here (in Italian only).

Feel free to spread the flyer of the two events. Good luck to the team from the University of Sassari with the organisation of these two restorative days. We are looking forward to receiving pictures and news on the events!