Videos from RJ conference in Italy

Last week, the EFRJ was present in Trento (Italy) for the international conference ‘Restorative Justice: Active Responsibility, Participation, Reparation‘ (20-21 January 2017), represented by the former chair of the EFRJ Board, Michael Kilchling.

film itaThe University of Trento posted on You Tube the videos of the whole conference (in Italian or English). Watch here Michael Kilchling in action, talking about the victim’s perspective, rights and needs in RJ (from minute 43).

Other well-known speakers were Prof. Ivo Aertsen and Prof. Frieder Dünkel, respectively on ‘Restorative Justice: a challenging pathway towards a new, transformational response to crime that involves the community’ (watch the video from minute 31) and ‘Restorative Justice – European developments and outcomes‘ (watch the video from minute 3).

Also Grazia Mannozzi from the University of Insubria was present for the closing speech: Mannozzi and her team are assisting us in the organisation of the EFRJ Summer School 2017 in Como on ‘Restorative Justice and Serious Crimes’.