The database consists of RJ Teaching Programmes within Europe and beyond at the university level. Where RJ is not taught yet at the university level, respondents shared information about other courses on RJ (described as “Other level”). This database includes the following information:

  • WHERE? Country, city, university, faculty, department
  • TITLE? Title of the teaching program in English (and original language)
  • WHAT? Info on format, contents, teaching activities (lectures, individual study and research, field practice), etc.
  • FOR WHO? Level, target group (bachelor, master, etc), prerequisites.
  • MORE INFO? Link to website and contact details

This database has been created thanks to the combined efforts of the following volunteers (coordinated by Emanuela Biffi):

  • Thomas Luyts, Criminology Master student at KU Leuven (Belgium)
  • Ian Marder, Ph.D. student at University of Leeds (UK) and initiator of the Community of Restorative Researchers on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Yutaka Osakabe, PhD student at University of Aberdeen (UK)
  • Masahiro Suzuki, PhD student at Griffith University (Australia)

Feel free to contact us for more information and for sending us updates on your RJ Teaching Programmes and do not forget to join the Community of Restorative Researchers on social media!