Bilbao 4-6/06/2019 EFRJ Symposium

The EFRJ membership will meet at the Annual General Meeting in Bilbao on 4 June, followed by a 2 day symposium on RJ.

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Tirana 13/06/2018 Annual General Meeting 2018

The next Annual General meeting of thr EFRJ membership will include important topics in the agenda, such as constitutional changes and board elections.

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Berlin 1/06/2017 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the EFRJ will take place in Berlin, followed by an expert seminar, on 31 May-2 June 2017. Save the dates!

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21/06/2016 EFRJ Annual General Meeting 2016

The EFRJ Annual General meeting 2016 will take place on 21 June in Leiden (The Netherlands) at 18-20 hr.

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21-22/05/2015 EFRJ Annual General Meeting 2015

The EFRJ AGM 2015 will take place next week in Warsaw (Poland) followed by a seminar on RJ and domestic violence.

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23/05/2015 EFRJ Annual General Meeting 2015

The AGM of the EFRJ will take place in Warsaw (Poland) on 21 May 2015. Read our chair Michael Kilchling's invitation to attend the AGM 2015.

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11/06/2014 8th International Conference of the EFRJ in Belfast


11-14 June 2014,

Belfast With this year’s theme of the conference “Beyond crime: pathways to desistance, social justice, and peacebuilding” we aim to broaden our scope of restorative justice, and therefore try to look “beyond” its application to the criminal justice system. Thus we hope to bring together a diverse range of perspectives focusing at different levels (the personal, the societal, the political), and inspired by a multitude of backgrounds and disciplines (such as criminology, social and political sciences, peace research, etc.).

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11/06/2014 Board Elections

The EFRJ is happy to announce its 6 candidates: 3 of them will be elected during the Annual General Meeting in Belfast on June 11, at 5pm.

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13/06/2012 General Meetings

These annual meetings address topics such as policy, the election and dismissal of Board members, the approval of annual accounts, the budget, the annual report, internal regulations and membership matters.

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