Call for proposals: Symposium Bilbao 2019

On 6 June (11.30-12.30) participants can contribute to the programme of the Symposium by organizing one of the following activities: fringe meeting, fair of organisations or poster show. The deadline for the call for proposals is 12 April: if accepted, these sessions are included in the final programme of the event together with the name and contact details of the presenter(s).

Fringe meeting: participants can propose a topic for a meeting (e.g. a specific theme of interest, or a specific working group), which will take place in one of the university classrooms. Participants can also propose a meeting for a closed group of invited guests: please clarify this in the proposal and make sure to invite your guests to the meeting. The proposal must be accompanied by a main title and few key-questions to be addressed during the meeting.

Fair of organisations: participants are invited to bring printed communication materials to display for sharing and discussing with others about their work and their organisation. Tables will be provided to present flyers, brochures, publications on projects, research, organisation’s details and much more. The format of the Fair will provide time for people to ask the available representative of the organisation about their work and the organisations can interact with the audience. The proposal must be accompanied by the name of the organization and 50 words explanation of its work, including its website. Please note that if you simply want to share communication materials, you don’t need to sign up for the Fair, we will provide a table for this anyway.

Poster show: participants are invited to bring a poster (format A1), which will be made visible in the hall of the university throughout the Symposium. Poster presenters will share and discuss with others about the presented topic during this session. The format will provide time for people to ask presenters about their work. Presenters must take the printed poster to the registration desk when they check-in. The proposal must be accompanied by the title and a 50 words description.

All submitted proposals will be reviewed by our scientific committee. Applicants will be informed about the acceptance of their proposal about 2 weeks after the deadline. Please note that all presenters must be registered to the Symposium and all abstracts must be submitted in English, the official language of the EFRJ.