EFRJ Conference 2016- Practical info

Travel information

By airplane: Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport) is a major hub in international air transportation. Another close airport is in Rotterdam.

By train: Visitors arriving by plane at Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport) can take the train to Leiden Central Station. Trains depart regularly (every 10 mins) and the trip takes about 20 minutes. Plan your train trip here.

By taxi: In Leiden, taxis are located in front of the train station. Below, an estimation of the costs of taxis from the airports and within Leiden:

  • Train station Leiden CS – Kamerlingh Onnes Building approximately €15
  • Schiphol Airport – Kamerlingh Onnes Building approximately €90
  • Rotterdam Airport – Kamerlingh Onnes Building approximately €85

By bus: In Leiden, buses stop in front of the train station. You need a bus that travels along the Breestraat. Ask the driver to let you know when you are at the bus stop in the Breestraat. Walk till the end of the Breestraat and turn right into the the Steenschuur.You will find the law faculty on number. You could take:

  • Bus number 2 (direction Leiderdorp Oranjewijk)
  • Bus number 4 (direction Zuid West)
  • Bus number 45 (direction Den Haag)
  • Bus number 182 (direction Alphen aan den Rijn)
  • Bus number 187 (direction Gouda)
  • Bus number 400 (direction Zoetermeer)

By foot: From Leiden Central Station, take the main exit towards the Centre. Cross the station square and keep to the right side of the road. Take the Stationsweg and then the Steenstraat and continue across the Blauwpoort bridge. On leaving the bridge, turn right and take the Prinsessekade, which will continue into the Korte Rapenburg. Cross the street and you are on the Rapenburg. You will find the the law faculty if you complete the walk if the Rapenburg ends there will begin the Steenschuur and you will see the law faculty on your left hand side.

Address of the conference venue:

Kamerlingh Onnes Building, Law Faculty University of Leiden
Steenschuur 25
2311 GP Leiden
Phone: +31 71 527 7513

Hotel information

The organising team has booked already some rooms in few hotels in Leiden.

  • Hotel IBIS (20 hotel rooms reserved until 21 April)
    €79,00/pp/per night incl breakfast
  • Hotel Minerva (12 rooms reserved until 31 March)
    €83/pp/per night incl breakfast
    €78/pp/per night without breakfast
  • Hotel Mayflower (14 rooms reserved until 21 March)
    €70/pp/per night (+ €7,50 per breakfast)

More hotels in Leiden:


The Netherlands is part of the Schengen Area comprising 26 European countries. For non-Schengen EU, USA and Canadian citizens a valid passport is sufficient to enter the Netherlands. Citizens of other countries should check whether visa is needed for them to enter the Netherlands. For more information please visit the home page of the Government of the Netherlands (click here). Please apply in due time for a visa if necessary and note that visa application takes 30-60 days and personal procedure is necessary.

On request, the secretariat of Leiden University will issue invitation letters for visa applications, but only after registration to this conference is complete. Please note that registration is complete only with the full payment of the conference fee. Please contact Mirko Miceli if you are entitled to an invitation letter. In case the visa is not issued, the same cancellation policy apply for all registered participants (see above).

Touristic information

Museums: Leiden is a spectacular, historic city with many interesting and famous museums. Three of the Netherlands national museums are located in Leiden. These national museums include the National Museum of Antiquities, the National Museum of Ethnology and the Dutch National Museum of the History of Science and Medicine. Other museums in Leiden include the ‘Naturalis’, one of the largest natural history museums in the world, and the municipal museum of ‘De Lakenhal’. Click here!

Botanical Gardens: One of the Europe’s first botanic gardens, now part of the University of Leiden. It is small and beautifully kept. There is also a Japanese garden named after the scientist Von Siebolt who carried out botanical research in Japan during the 19th century. There is also a systematic garden named after the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. The garden is the most beautiful in the spring with huge, very, very old wistarias blooming. The cafe serves a great hot apple drink and has many delicious baked goods. Click here!

Shopping: Leiden has beautiful walkways and great variety of shops side by side to browse through, including retail stores, restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, souvenir shops, and more. Stores are open throughout the day and the specialty shops in small lanes and alleyways in the historic center create a fun and unique shopping experience. Good, friendly service, attention to quality, and many special offers. Click here!

The Local Market: The Leiden market offers a different kind of shopping: here you will find exotic spices, clothing, vegetables, fruit, fish and flowers. Click here!

Pieterskerk (church): The newly restored Pieterskerk in Leiden is an amazing building with a fascinating history. It is one of the oldest and largest monuments in the town. It serves now as a museum and monument, hosting a number of art treasures and memorials to those buried at the church. The Pieterskerk is a historic meeting place available for all your events, a place that you and your guests will always remember. Click here!

More questions?

Please contact the EFRJ team at [email protected].