EFRJ & EFCJA: memorandum of understanding

Yesterday 14 June in Tirana, the EFRJ and the European Family Justice Center Alliance (EFCJA) signed a memorandum of understanding to commit to develop a collaborative partnership and to officially recognize each other in their specific mission, vision and tasks.

The EFRJ supports the EFJCA mission to create a European network of Family Justice Centers and similar co-located Multi Agency models, focusing on an integrated approach of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual violence, with close working relationships, shared training and assistance, collaborative learning processes, coordinated funding assistance and transformational leadership.

The idea behind this memorandum of understanding is that both EFJCA and EFRJ will exchange knowledge, experience and good practices; inform each other about possibilities of joined project applications, national and international; inform each other about possibilities of joined training programs, research, workshops, and/or conferences; and, where applicable, promote each other activities and products.

The EFRJ will also attend the next conference of EFCJA in Paris on 15-16 November 2018.

From left: Brunilda Pali (EFRJ Secretary), Bert Groen (EFCJA president), Pascale Franck (EFCJA vice-president) and Tim Champan (EFRJ chair).