EFRJ Newsletter 2017

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Members of the EFRJ receive three electronic Newsletters a year. Each edition features a review of the field of
restorative justice, reflections on policy developments and research findings/project outcomes. At the end of the year, the editorial committee selects some of the published articles and this compilation is published in a printed edition of the EFRJ Newsletter which is used for dissemination purposes and usually sent to the homes and organisations of our members. The editorial committee always welcomes articles for the next editions and it always welcomes new members to join forces: contact the editor Kerry Clamp for this ([email protected]).


In the past years, we noticed that not all addresses in our membership directory are updated and, in order to prevent a waste of resources, we decided to ask our membership to opt in if they wish to receive the printed EFRJ Newsletter as usual. Please note that the .pdf will be made available online and printed Newsletter will be disseminated in all our events.

Please fill in the form below (before 10 December), including the correct address and number of copies needed, if you wish to receive the printed edition of the EFRJ Newsletter. This will be sent before Christmas to the address provided. Please make sure you renewed your membership 2017 first (deadline: 10 December): indeed, this services is reserved for EFRJ members only.