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  • Plenary I - Restorative justice unlimited?: The application of restorative justice in all the stages of the criminal procedure and for all types of crime Chair: Tim Chapman – EFRJ Chair, Ulster University, Northern Ireland  Ian Marder - Maynooth University, Ireland  Alberto Olalde & Nacho Martínez – University of Basque Country & Basque Government, Spain  Theo de Roos – Tilburg University, The Netherlands
  • Plenary II - Restorative justice and empowerment: focus on specific target groups (terrorism, domestic violence, sexual violence) Chair: Katerina Soulou – EFRJ Board member, Aix-Marseille University, France  Diletta Stendardi – Lawyer, Italy  Bernd Glaeser – Neustart, Austria  Brunilda Pali - KU LINC, Belgium
  • Plenary III – Restorative justice, prison and probation: risks and opportunities Chair: Aarne Kinnunen – EFRJ Board, Ministry of Justice, Finland  Jorge Ollero & Jesus Guerrero - Federación Andaluza ENLACE & Ministry of Internal Affairs, Spain  Ursula Fernee - RJ and Victim Services and Probation Service, Ireland  Antonio Buonatesta – Médiante, Belgium
  • Facilitator: Bart Claes – EFRJ Board, Avans University, The Netherlands
  • Facilitators: Annemieke Wolthuis - RJN, Netherlands and Brunilda Pali - KU Leuven LINC, Belgium