Restorotopias: new blog on RJ

EFRJ board member Brunilda Pali launched a new blog on RJ during the international RJ Week 2018, Restorotopias.

The website is an initiative that takes place within the postdoctoral project Restorative utopias in dystopian times: The shaping of restorative justice in the European penal systems and policies, granted to the Brunilda Pali by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO).

On 21 November, Brunilda launched the first post under the heading “conversations”, which in the future will be a collection of personal stories and life experiences from our well-known gurus in the RJ field. This first post is an intimate conversation with Howard Zehr after they met at Padova University few weeks ago (read more about the event here). Take your time to read it: you will probably feel like sitting side by side with them on the same table, listening to an inspiring (restorative oriented) life.