RJ in French news and videos

edit french newsRead the article published on TV5Monde including reflections from Edit Törzs (the EFRJ director ), Prof. Ivo Aertsen (one of the founders of the EFRJ)  and other speakers that will present during the plenary sessions of the international conference ‘Restorative Justice in action(s)‘ (Paris, 18-19 January 2017) organised by the French institute of restorative justice (IFJR) in collaboration with the French victim support and mediation services (INAVEM) and the EFRJ.


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Also, if you are interested in the French developments concerning RJ, watch all the interventions during the RJ conference organised by Citoyens & Justice during the international #RJWeek 2016 (Paris, 21 November 2016). Among other speakers, you can find three active members of the EFRJ, i.e. Antonio Buonatesta, Estelle Zinsstag and Lode Walgrave.