Waiver application – Symposium Bilbao 2019

The EFRJ grants a limited number of (full/ partial) waivers to participants for whom it is financially difficult to attend the Symposium in Bilbao. Applicants must be members of the EFRJ since 2018, or earlier: still, if you are a new member in 2019, you can register with a reduced fee (click here).

Full waivers cover the full registration fee (all inclusive); partial waivers will cover half registration fee. Transports to Gdansk are not covered by the waivers.

The deadline to submit a waiver request is 1 March 2019. Please use the online waiver application form published on the bottom of this page. The main criteria for the selection are: experience, profession, motivation, and country representation. We give priority to members who have never received a waiver from the EFRJ. We will evaluate each request and inform you about the results within two weeks after the deadline. In case of negative response, the early-bird fee applies.